Odd Angled Love Songs for Humans

by The Strange Valentines

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You really fixed our wagon Oh you fixed our wagon You’re like a firecracker, and there’s going to be a falling out You really fixed our wagon I can’t turn the news on Every day a different scandal and it never seems to end Oh My God, what happens next Oh My God, it ain’t nothing we’ve seen yet You really fixed our wagon Nonsensical blabbing Might serve your racist fandom, but we’re here feeling the pain You really fixed our wagon Can you even imagine The work of just one morning, killed hundreds of hopes and dreams Just like that the world crumbled away, so it’s just a bit of dust in the stars Nothing left to remember the things that we did or the people that we are You really fixed our wagon You lied with wild abandon I just got these clothes to stand in and I gotta find a place to go You really fixed our wagon We hardly know what’s coming You got your fingers wagging, and its ripping us apart
If the sun don't shine on me tomorrow I’m going to be ok If the sun don’t shine on me tomorrow I’ll push those blues away The engine on my car didn’t turn over When they expected me to work I had to fight my way through transit But I didn’t transfer the right way through So I missed the morning meeting And they decided some things without me Turns out I’m now redundant But maybe it’s better that way The door on my house doesn’t close all the way And the cold gets in at night It freezes up so bad I can’t open it But I’m not going to bother about it today There’s always a problem or other For me to get all bothered But I’m tired of being worried And I’m sick of being sad So I’m just going to eat my breakfast I think I pissed off my neighbor I didn’t mean to play guitar so loud He’ll likely cool down sooner or later But I’m still going to play my sound
Well I don’t know what I can do And I don’t know about you But it’s feeling a little bit much these days There’s so much suffering cruel People making the rules And I don’t know how we can fight them Just like that, lightning strikes And there’s a tiny light that shines Just like that, justice mattered Again for a moment in time There’s things outside my control And people all over the world Wondering how it is they can help each other No answers come to my mind But I think you might find My hand will be there if you reach for it Don’t forget your oxygen mask Put it on your face first Don’t die on me darlin I can’t sort out the world It’s all too much to unfurl But I can look into your eyes Well there’s something at least we could do Reach with a hand or two And grab somebody who’s reaching back
It’s a long road It’s a long way home To the place I was born I remember the streets I remember your faces I see the house I lived in is now torn down The pub on the corner Has boards on the windows To Let signs on many other shops The world moved on Without you little town Do you remember me It’s a long way back To where I came from It’s strange now to see those empty streets Do you remember me Way Aye Oh How you’ve grown Yet you know Some things never change They just rearrange, or fade away But the river runs true As fierce as ever before The bridge I knew, looks down at me The footfalls echo Of my father and my mother Would you remember me
And he went on his way with his money in his hand and never ever knew That the deal that he made Yes it gave him a smile and it added to his wealth but he never was the wiser To the rippling wave Because the man that he dealt had nothing to his name And the deal that he made sent his family away It left them too little to pay for the things That they needed for them all to survive another day You never know, down the line What goes wrong and for who goes right Hey me mateys Drink up that rum Life’s too short, not to give it a run Hold her close, howl at the moon Wait it too long and it’s over too soon So the mother she sold her body on the street Because she knew that the boys would have nothing left to eat And the boys on their own got up to no good And they started a habit of begging for their food But the man with the money didn’t understand this And his wife was so happy with the money that they saved And the man on his own whose family had left Fell sick with a bad case of shivering wreck The meanwhile found that the money and the man Didn’t stay so happy as they thought and they planned His wife had a lover in the outermost pines And she spent all his money on vintagey wines
Maybe lately I’ve been kind of greedy But I kind of love you and I’ve been more than ready The sun is setting down in the horizon It can take it’s time in rising All that I want to do Is lie under this canopy with you All I want to do Lay with me, under the stars Fly by Venus and Mars Maybe it’s not that far Maybe it’s not that far Maybe lately it’s felt a little shaky But it’s only cause I didn’t want to break This spell seems that we’ve been under I didn’t want to risk a blunder Maybe lately you've been feeling crazy I’d hate for you to feel afraid I know your feelings are not just set You’re the best person I’ve yet met
Eugene 05:25
Eugene he wrote him a song He thought to himself this shouldn’t take too long He thought about his life and all the things he’d done wrong Oh Eugene he wrote him a song Eugene played his mother his song She clapped with delight when he started to strum But her eyes got real wide when he got to the chorus She clutched at her heart and she fell to the floor, oh Eugene he wrote him a song The thing about life dear it’s long But if I never see you again, it’ll be too soon Let the rivers run dry and the wind cough it’s last breath Eugene he wrote him a song Eugene’s Aunt Edna was knitting a scarf She was minding her business in the very next room When her sister hit the floor she never knit no more Oh Eugene he wrote him a song Upstairs in the loft Eugene’s grandma asleep Her light little snores made barely a peep She didn’t hear the song but that nap was her last Oh Eugene he wrote him a song Three dead women in the house Eugene frantically thought what to do He burned his guitar and the words to his song As Eugene tried to unwrite his song The Police showed up in their navy blue clothes Shouting at people and filling out forms They asked stupid questions and taped up the house Eugene just sits with his head in his hands Oh…..No one knows….. Oh….No one knows Then Busloads of people came to the house Pointing their fingers and making a fuss What could have happened, what was the cause Eugene just sits with his head in his hands Oh…..No one knows….. Oh….No one knows
She woke up still tired, but she had to get up A little indigestion was probably all it was They told her don’t worry, here’s a pill for your ache Then closed up their folders, just the first week of May But she didn’t get better, and she didn’t feel well Whatever was wrong, nobody would tell And those guys at the desk, with their smug little looks You better wait till I call you, it’s still not your turn They patted their backs, for the good job they’d done But while papers shuffled, that loaded the guns Papers they shuffled, got lost in a pile And no one really knows what happened to your file But we’re all doing our job, aren’t we all so swell So well in fact, there’s a special place in hell Your doctor’s on holiday, and the new guy is swamped I don’t know what to tell you, try Emerg if you want So they drove into town, worried faces they wore As the pain in her belly, almost too much to bear Then they waited for hours, and slept in the hall Heard the sound of kids crying, and pain all around On this went on with the pain and the hurt But no one found out because the system was broke Then one day it came like others before, She fired up the truck, on a fresh winter morn She drove in to town, by herself on that day And they poked and they prodded and their faces looked grave I’m sorry dear Mary, we’re not sure how it’s true A day you’ve got left, call your husband to you Time that went on, from May till November The system was broken, and now it would end her.
She loved him like hot chocolate She didn’t mind when he lost his job She didn’t mind he couldn’t pay his share She saw good when it wasn’t even there His get up and go, just got up and went With the glint he had in his eyes His get up and go, just got up and went His past caught up to his lies He moved on to another town No forwarding address God knows what he’s doing there Probably making someone else a bloody mess I heard he had a girl in Calgary And he’s working on some scheme or other He bet his dimes with more of his lies And got sent packing back to his mother He got in trouble with the law again Sold contraband to some angry men When they came a looking, he went a hoofin’ Back to his mother once again His mother talked to his love one day and compared the lies they’d been sold They cornered him in a vegan cafe Till he broke down and wept from his soul
Hey there sister There’s a journey to trek, it’s a winding road And you’re not there yet Mountains and valleys, Wind and rain It’s a tortuous path but it’s the only way Don’t let those tears in your eyes, Blind the truth Let the stars align, and then make your move There’s more than one choice, there’s more than one face When the game comes round to you, you got to lay your ace Hey there brother There’s a mountain to move, you better pick up that shovel And start shoveling dirt One shovelful here, the beginning of change And each beat of the dirt, sings revolution day Hey there in-between A heavy burden you bear, they’re almost ready to hear That story you wear Don’t change for them, and don’t hide your light Just keep shining on, on into the night
The Actor 05:07
He had a winning smile, and sparkles in his eyes They all loved him, and he loved them You would never know, he never let it show But inside his heart was a hole Oh those lonely days in the crowd Oh those lonely nights screamed so loud Oh and he can’t figure out how He could put it on, the stylings and the charm He knew the things to say, as was his way Inside the secret lived, no matter what he did Those demons tormented his soul How are you today sir How do you really feel How do you really want to do this Who would you like to be Always act the part, but always set apart No one reaches inside to see His fears of falling short, and thoughts of losing out Remain a mystery to all
The Musician 04:00
There’s a man standing, in front of the liquor store He’s got a 12-string guitar The case is open And when he plays that song he makes me feel Oh when he plays that song he really makes me feel It must be cold standing, in front of the liquor store In his shabby coat and fingerless gloves But his face is bright And when he plays that song he makes me feel Oh when he plays that song he really makes me feel His voice rings out in pain such an honest tone I can hear that song His chest ripped apart I can see his heart As he plays that song You wouldn’t think standing, in front of the liquor store Music like that could be for free It’s what he does And when he plays that song he makes me feel Oh when he plays that song he really makes me feel
Frankenstein 05:04
The elusive spark of life Spent my whole life trying to find I missed you so when we said goodbye For God’s sake why Could see it in your eyes The thing I clung to in the night Trapped in the tightly folded time You can’t unwind Frankenstein, where are you I think I just misunderstood you Frankenstein, I love you Oh, Frankenstein You’re a beast but I’ve seen you cry I’ve seen a gentler kinder side Your hideous face I never did mind Oh, Frankenstein And what did you think of me I wonder could we ever have been meant to be I miss you my everlasting freak Oh Frankenstein The elusive spark of life You had it in you all the time Nevermind the reasons why It made no mind
The Wedding 06:24
One sunny day we drove up to the church In your dad’s fancy car and my hair in a bun The birds sang their songs like nothing was wrong And the sun shone down like it does The people they came like to witness a scene Dressed in their fine things and scrubbed nice and clean Everyone sat in their spots and they listened Sunlight peeped in from the stained glass windows Oh should we think it over Oh, man but it’s too late Oh, I’d maybe like to take some time You take all the time in your life You take all the time in your life The preacher he spoke in a clear deep voice Said this union was God’s holy choice The choir sang a song in sweet harmony Sunlight peeped in from a stained glass window Then we shook hands with the folks who had come Smiled and embraced now the deed it was done Our hearts filled with hope for all that might come And the sun shone down like it does
The night of the dance, it had started to rain There was thunder and lightening But we were all safe We had a wood fire to warm us and candles to see But sparks from inside were setting a flame I’ll never forget you Because I’ll never be the same I’m forever changed By the girl in the rain I’ll never forget you Because I’ll never be the same I’m forever changed By the girl in the rain She glides cross the floor In that blue dress she wore My heart spun round with her Knew not what was in store We danced all that night and into the morn I lost all my sense, for that girl in the storm


released June 3, 2019


all rights reserved



The Strange Valentines River John, Nova Scotia

Comprised of Australian rocker David Farrell and Nova Scotian folk artist Janet Mills the duo challenges the borders of folk/rock in the Canadiana mix of flavours that result. Newly moved to River John, Nova Scotia, strong melodies, soulful stories, quirky humour, a little smidge of salt and grit, and lovely rich harmonies mark each soulful performance. ... more

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